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8500+ new business opportunities for sale in India - IndiaBizForSale

Searching for new business opportunities for sale in India? At IndiaBizForSale, you will find 8500+ unique business opportunities for sale, raise funds, or franchise across India.

IndiaBizForSale is a leading investment banking firm that helps business owners raise funds for their businesses or get profitable business exit as well as assists investors to choose from thousands of verified opportunities to earn maximum return on investment.

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Business Opportunities in India | Fundraising, Buy/Sell & Franchise

Are you looking for raising funds, buy/sell or franchise business opportunities? Get in touch with thousands of company owners, investors, and entrepreneurs with IndiaBizForSale.

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Online Business Sell, Buy and Fundraising Platform in India | IndiaBiz

Are you looking to buy or sell your business or want to raise fund/investment for your venture in India?

IndiaBizForSale is the Premium Business Buying, Selling and fundraising platform for SMEs, startups and large corporates. We have
8000+ Business Opportunities for Sell/Fundraising
27000+ HNI, NRI and Private investors who are ready to buy or invest in your businesses.

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Best Business Valuation Services - Company Valuation Services

Do you know How to value your business when raising funds or selling a business or issuing ESOPs? We can help you. Get an expert business valuation report in 21 days.

At IndiaBizForSale, We offer professional business valuation services in In India and abroad.

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Startup Valuation Services | Company Valuation

Are you looking for Startup Valuation Services?

We offer complete business valuation services to SMEs, Startup and large scale companies across India. Get Connect with our finance professionals to get your valuation report within 21 Days.

With conducting 100+ business valuation reports, our group of experts deliver comprehensive valuation services to the entrepreneurs as per their business needs.

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Get your complete business valuation report at 42999/-.

At IndiaBiz, we conducted 150+ company valuation reports across India. With our skilled finance professionals, get your business valuation done within 3 weeks.

IndiaBiz is a leading business buy/sell and investment banking platform in India. We provide complete startup business solutions including business buying/selling, raising funds or investment, business valuation and professional business consulting services to SMEs, Startups as well as large scale businesses in India and Abroad.

Top 4 Major Pillars for Business Growth in 2022 | IndiaBizForSale

As Business Entrepreneurs we all want to grow our venture and achieve the desire. However, Due to lack of proper strategy, company or market insights, business owners struggle.

To assist business owners, our experience team points out the Top 4 Major Business Pillars which every entrepreneur should consider to get direction for success.

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Top 3 Success Factors For Fundraising in Business | IndiaBizForSale

As per the Market Research,, Most of the Business Owners want to get funded but due to lack of preparation, they fail to raise capital for their business.

However, if you keep these 3 key points while planning for fundraising for your business, you can access more investors for your firm and get funded.

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