Mlm Ecommerce Website Development in Python | Unilevel Mlm Ecommerce Python

A Unilevel MLM Ecommerce Plan in Flask using Python involves creating a web application that combines an Ecommerce platform with a Unilevel Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) structure. Here’s an overview of each component:

Unilevel MLM Structure:
Unilevel Plan: This MLM plan involves a straightforward structure where each user can sponsor as many distributors as they want on the frontline, and commissions extend downline in a single level.
Referral System: Users refer others directly, and those referrals become part of their frontline.
Ecommerce Functionality:
Product Management: Users can browse, view, and purchase products or services available on the platform.
Shopping Cart & Checkout: A feature allowing users to add items to a cart and proceed to checkout for purchases.

User Authentication: Implementing user registration, login, and authentication for access to the platform.
Unilevel MLM Logic: Designing algorithms to manage the Unilevel MLM structure, tracking referrals, and calculating commissions based on sales generated through the MLM network.
Commission Calculation: Developing methods to compute commissions based on predefined rules related to product sales and MLM activities.
Dashboard & Reporting: Providing users with a personalized dashboard to view their network structure, earnings, bonuses, sales reports, etc.

Payment Integration: Integrating a secure payment gateway for handling transactions and commission payouts.
This setup allows users to engage in Ecommerce activities while also participating in the Unilevel MLM network, earning commissions through their direct referrals and downstream sales. Flask, as a lightweight web framework, is used in Python to structure the backend logic and handle various functionalities within this combined platform.

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