Unilevel Mlm Ecommerce Website Development in Flask Python | MLM Ecommerce Website Python

A Unilevel MLM Ecommerce Plan in Flask using Python involves creating a web application that combines an Ecommerce platform with a Unilevel Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) structure. Here’s an overview of each component:

Unilevel MLM Structure:
Unilevel Plan: This MLM plan involves a straightforward structure where each user can sponsor as many distributors as they want on the frontline, and commissions extend downline in a single level.
Referral System: Users refer others directly, and those referrals become part of their frontline.
Ecommerce Functionality:
Product Management: Users can browse, view, and purchase products or services available on the platform.
Shopping Cart & Checkout: A feature allowing users to add items to a cart and proceed to checkout for purchases.
User Authentication: Implementing user registration, login, and authentication for access to the platform.
Unilevel MLM Logic: Designing algorithms to manage the Unilevel MLM structure, tracking referrals, and calculating commissions based on sales generated through the MLM network.
Commission Calculation: Developing methods to compute commissions based on predefined rules related to product sales and MLM activities.
Dashboard & Reporting: Providing users with a personalized dashboard to view their network structure, earnings, bonuses, sales reports, etc.
Payment Integration: Integrating a secure payment gateway for handling transactions and commission payouts.

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