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A trial version typically allows users to explore a limited version of the software for a specific period. It's an opportunity for potential buyers to test the functionality, user interface, and some basic features of the MLM software before making a purchase. This trial period might vary in duration depending on the software provider, ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks. During this time, users can assess if the software meets their business needs and aligns with their operational requirements.

Integration Platforms
WordPress: Offers flexibility and numerous plugins for MLM functionalities.
Drupal: Known for its customization capabilities, allowing for tailored MLM solutions.
Magento: An e-commerce platform that can be integrated with MLM functionalities.
LearnPress: An e-learning plugin for WordPress that might support MLM features for educational platforms.
OpenCart: Offers e-commerce solutions with potential MLM integrations.
Laravel: A PHP framework that can be utilized to build custom MLM solutions with various plans and integrations.
Python: An e-commerce platform that can be integrated with MLM functionalities.

MLM Features
Affiliate or Referral Commission: Rewards for recruiting or referring new members.
Join Commission: Bonus upon joining the MLM network.
Level or Pair Commission: Bonuses associated with achieving specific levels or pairs within the plan structure.
Company Commission: Earnings based on the overall company performance.
Fast Bonus: Immediate bonuses upon achieving certain criteria.
Regular Bonus: Regularly scheduled bonuses based on performance.
Royalty Bonus: Ongoing earnings based on downline activity or sales.

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