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Matrix MLM Plan is a structured network marketing strategy where distributors are organized in a grid-like matrix. Distributors have a fixed width for their frontline recruits, creating a focused and efficient team-building approach. This plan encourages teamwork, spillover effects, and balanced growth, making it popular in the MLM industry.

Matrix MLM Plan includes several legged structures where a parent Node has many sub-nodes where each new distributor or member is placed in a down sub-tree. It is one of the basic Force matrices which is required by all MLM organizations be they small or large. The Force Matrix MLM Laravel helps the admin manage users or sub-nodes in a Matrix network to record their income, expenses, etc.

Features of MLM Software
Email Settings.

SMS Settings.

Payout Reports in the admin.

Feature Withdrawal pay in the admin.

Genealogy representation of the Downlines.

Genealogy is based on the user name.

Run payout – distribute commission.

There are five types of commission
i. Join Commission

ii. Direct Referral Commission

iii. Pair Commission

iv. Regular Bonus

v. Royalty Bonus

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