MLM Software - Genealogy, Commissions, and bonuses & E-Wallet system with multi-language & currency

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) software is a specialized software solution designed to help MLM companies manage and automate various aspects of their business operations. MLM, also known as network marketing or direct selling, is a business model where products or services are promoted and sold through a network of independent distributors or affiliates. These distributors earn commissions not only for their own sales but also for the sales made by the distributors they recruit into their downline.

MLM Software with Genealogy, Commissions and Bonuses, and an E-Wallet system that supports multi-language and multi-currency capabilities is a comprehensive solution for running a global multi-level marketing business. Here's a breakdown of each component:

Genealogy Management:

Binary Tree Viewer: Displays the hierarchical structure of your distributor network, making it easy to visualize and manage.
Downline Reports: Provides detailed reports on the performance of each distributor in your network.
Placement Tools: Allows you to place new recruits strategically within your binary or matrix structure.

Commissions and Bonuses:

Commission Calculations: Automatically calculates various commissions, such as referral commissions, pairing bonuses, and more, based on your compensation plan.
Commission Payouts: Manages the distribution of commissions and bonuses accurately and efficiently.
Bonus Configurations: Offers flexibility to customize bonus structures, including regular bonuses, royalty bonuses, and custom bonuses, to align with your MLM business model.

E-Wallet System:

Distributor Wallets: Provides e-wallets for distributors to view their earnings, request withdrawals, and manage funds.
Fund Transfers: Allows distributors to transfer funds between e-wallets and bank accounts securely.
Transaction History: Records all financial transactions and provides transaction histories for auditing purposes.

Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Support:

Language Options: Allows users to switch between different languages to accommodate a diverse international distributor base.
Currency Conversion: Supports multiple currencies and automatically converts earnings, commissions, and bonuses into the preferred currency of each distributor.

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