One of those games with a solely auto-play-based strategy is AFK Arena. It stands apart from other mobile games since it contains an auto-battle option, which is uncommon.

However, whereas other games necessitate greater player involvement and occasionally include auto-battle elements, games like AFK Arena are made with the auto-play function, encouraging a play style that significantly deviates from the norm.

We will look at the tools that BlueStacks displays in this article and how you may use them to enhance your AFK Arena auto-play experience.

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The Lilith gaming studio, which already has many great games accessible on the Play Store, created AFK Arena. Team composition is crucial in AFK Arena.

The role-playing team game AFK Arena from Lilith Games was made available worldwide in April 2019. It combines idle and turn-based RPG features. It is built on automated 5v5 fights that require little interaction.

The developer of AFK Arena, Lilith Games, focuses on traditional RPG components like turn-based battle and character leveling while delivering fascinating gameplay through exquisitely rendered settings.

On the surface of Esperia Land, AFK Arena conducts the class while being attacked by the creatures that Annih, the god of death, summoned in a fit of rage and envy, created. This sparked a bloody conflict at the beginning of time that broke out again ages later.


1. First, install BlueStacks on your computer or another device.
2. In the search box in the top right corner, type in AFK Arena.
3. After that, select Install from the search results for AFK Arena.
4. Install AFK Arena by completing Google Sign-in (if you skipped step 2).
5. To begin playing, connect the AFK Arena icon on the home screen. Finish signing in, or do it later, to access the Play Store.


The Keymapping Tool, one of BlueStacks' most delicate features, lets you control all your popular mobile games on your computer using your keyboard and mouse. Never again will this tool need to operate with shoddy touchscreen controls.

With this tool, you may quickly access practically all of the menus for AFK Arena. By default, the BlueStacks team has created a predefined management plan for this tag.

However, you can go further by including additional shortcuts to areas that weren't part of the initial control layout. This way, using your keyboard to navigate any element is simple.

The keymapping tool is your most important ally in the most brutal struggles. The keymapping tool is also great for improving battle performance and using outside combat.

This time is advantageous for defensive or support talents like shields or healing, which the computer wastes during auto-battle.


You can team up with different players in AFK Arena you run into along the road. These alliances are essential for forging potent hero unions that bestow excellent boosts on your team.

However, you will need to utilize particular units that your organization might not already have to forge powerful alliances. To build the hero above union, you can "borrow" the teams of a friend who has one of the teams above.

You can access the game with various accounts and product teams using the heroes in any of these accounts by using BlueStacks Multi-Instance. You can use the units in your other account to complete the hero union even though your current team could be missing some heroes.


The game is automatically started. In most cases, pressing many buttons is still necessary for your feelings to progress to the next level.

There is no way to completely automate your progression, even though the battle is automated to some level. Until you start using the BlueStacks Macros, that is.

In the AFK Arena, you may configure your customers to click the buttons to advance your characters to the next stage while automatically defeating their opponents. In this manner, you can execute the combo, and your surfaces will automatically press forward and clear their settings.

It would help if you controlled your characters to cause mayhem around the area each time you wanted to automate your gain by pressing the corresponding combo key.

Once your team has defeated the opposition, close the results by clicking on the screen.


You may develop an unstoppable force with BlueStacks that will steam across the Esperia grounds. In AFK Arena, how do you use the BlueStacks tools? In the comments section below, you can offer your best advice.