Discover Your Baby s Gender Early with Our State-of-the-Art Ultrasound Technology

Curious about your baby s gender before the big day? Early Image offers gender determination scans as early as 14 weeks into your pregnancy! Utilizing cutting-edge #ultrasound scanners, we provide clear, precise images and can even send video clips and photos straight to your smartphone. Our gender scans are not only incredibly accurate but also offer parents the chance to monitor their baby s growth and hear their heartbeat, all while witnessing their little one's movements and kicks.

Why Us?

• Over 15 years of expertise in prenatal imaging
• No need for a doctor s referral
• Flexible appointment scheduling tailored to your convenience
• Direct transfer of video clips and images to your phone
• Accessible 24/7

To schedule your appointment, contact us at (03) 9529 7433.

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bags?

Discover essential items to pack in your hospital bags for a smooth delivery. From baby essentials to personal comfort items, ensure you're prepared for your hospital stay.

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