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BuildRoyale is a multiplayer battle royale game where you defend yourself by building defensive walls.

You start with just a pickaxe and should build deterrents and designs to assist you with surviving the longest. In any case, you can't play it in that spots since they blocked the game.

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More About Rush Royale

Rush Royale is a fantasy tower defense game published by My Games and developed by IT Territory.

You must assemble your defenders to kill incoming monsters while ensuring that your opponent does not survive their siege.

You can also join forces with another player to see how long you and the other player can hold the line against the enemy.

Though this game includes a tutorial, our Rush Royale beginner's guide will teach you the fundamentals of PVP and Co-op game modes, some of your available defenders, and what you'll be up against.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Rush Royale

1. Understand the Gameplay Basics

Each match begins with both players having a 3x5 grid to place their units on and each having 100 units of mana.

Mana is used to summon your starting forces, which can be found in the bottom half of your screen.

The units you summon and their placement on the grid are chosen at random based on your loadout.

You can compensate for the shortage of space by dragging one unit to the other, creating a new, albeit random, unit with an increased fire rate.

The units chosen must also have the same merge rank, as indicated by the border around any given unit on the grid.

A circle represents a Rank 1 unit, a pointed oval represents a Rank 2 unit, a triangle denotes a Rank 3 unit, and so on.

2. Knowing and Managing Your Defenders

Although you may only summon up to five defender types in any battle, the game provides 3 loadout slots to customize your defender compositions.

After completing the tutorial, you are given the five defenders listed below, to begin with:

* Archer: It has the fastest attack speed of your starting towers; it will be your primary source of DPS.

* Cold Mage: Slows down whomever he hits, and the speed debuff stacks with each hit.

* Fire Mage: deals damage in a circle around his target

* Lightning Mage: This attack jumps to the three closest targets, with the damage decreasing with each jump.

* Poisoner: Poisoner deals damage over time but has the slowest attack speed of your starting units.

Winning matches offers two to three rewards: coins as your primary currency, tokens to win additional bonuses dependent on the current season, and arena rank points obtained solely through PVP, where you can unlock new units and sizeable rank-up rewards.

To keep things balanced, your arena rank also determines the level of your opponent in PVP matches.

You may also select to view an advertisement before beginning a game. It raises your possible rewards and a tiny number of crystals, the game's premium currency.

3. Preparing for PVP Matches

Monsters will spawn on the left side of your screen and travel around your grid on a lane, and attempt to enter your castle from the right side in PVP matches.

To defeat the invaders, you must rely on your defenses and luck with their placement and merge results.

You and your opponent each have three lives, and the match ends when one of you runs out of lives or chooses to forfeit.

Monsters will constantly spawn for both players, but any monster you kill will respawn on the opposing player's side of the arena and vice versa.

Monsters are classified into three types:

- Standard Green Monsters:- Which account for the majority of attackers.

- Yellow Monsters:- Which move quickly but have low health.

- Purple Miniboss Monsters:- Which have more health and consume two lives rather than one but move slowly.

4 Each Co-op Match Grants You One Life

Co-op matches, as opposed to PVP matches, are a more traditional type of tower defense in which both players defend monster lanes, meet in the middle and continue straight to the castle, pitting a single castle against increasingly resilient enemies.

Both grids can open fire on monsters moving down the central lane, but depending on the circumstances, the monsters may be too powerful or numerous for your squad to handle.

5. Unlock Quests and Get More Chests

Quests are divided into two types: daily quests that refresh every 24 hours and seasonal quests that last only during the active season.

Unless otherwise stated, both quests have tasks that can be completed in either PVP or Co-op mode.

Quests are unlocked by increasing your arena rank. Upon completion, all quests grant season tokens.

You can reroll a selected daily quest by watching an ad if you cannot complete it for whatever reason, and a little choice of season quests is restricted to premium members.

However, this can be avoided by regularly completing daily quests in their place.

This is not to be confused with inquiries freely available in the store and award crystals for completing tasks in other games entirely.

Our Thoughts

This concludes our Rush Royale strategy guide! We hope that our collection of strategies and tips will assist you in dealing with whatever the game throws at you, whether it's hordes of monsters or tough players.