डेरा प्रेमियों का संघ करना बेमिसाल! | TheFactEye

हमने देखा है कि जब भी डेरा प्रेमियों से कोई सहायता के लिए याचना करता है तो डेरा सच्चा सौदा की संगत पूरे तन मन धन से उसकी सहायता के लिए आगे आती हैं | हम यह भी कह सकते हैं कि यदि आपके आसपास कोई एक डेरा प्रेमी भी रहता है तो उसे आप अपने 100 जिगरी दोस्तों के बराबर समझ सकते हैं |

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Donating Blood for the 50th Time | Thefacteye

In today’s selfish world where people are adversary to each other, at the same time few people are donating blood for unknown, to save their life. One example to this is Dr. Raj Kumar Insan from Kendu, who made his half century in donating blood for serving the needy.

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30 दिनों की परोल: बरनावा आश्रम में पहुंचे सच्चे समाजसेवी संत गुरमीत राम रहीम सिंह जी इंसा | Thefacteye

सच्चे संत फकीर की असली पहचान उनके कर्म और विचारों से होती है | संत गुरमीत राम रहीम सिंह जी इंसा जैसे ही 30 दिनों की परोल पर अपने आश्रम में आए उन्होंने भगवान से प्रार्थना करी

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डेरा सच्चा सौदा: बाढ़ प्रभावितों की सहायता के लिए समाजसेवी संतों की अनमोल भूमिका

इस समय उत्तर भारत में हो रही भारी वर्षा की वजह से सभी नदियां
उफान पर हैं  | 6  राज्य बाढ़ से पूरी तरह से प्रभावित हो रहे हैं |
खासकर  हरियाणा , पंजाब, उत्तर प्रदेश , दिल्ली व अन्य राज्यों में बाढ़ से
जनजीवन पूरी तरह से अस्त व्यस्त हो चुका है|हजारों गांव पानी की
चपेट में आ गए हैं | लाखों लोगों को अपना घर छोड़ कर  दूसरी जगह
शरण लेने के लिए मजबूर होना पड़ा है | बाढ़ की वजह से किसानों की
सभी फसलें नष्ट हो चुकी हैं | लोगों के सामने इस समय अपना जीवन
यापन करने के लिए बहुत बड़ी समस्या आन खड़ी है | 

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Record-Breaking Rainfall and Devastation: Floods Engulfing Haryana and Punjab as Green S Welfare Force Extends Relief Efforts
 The heavy rainfall in the mountains has broken a record of the past 52 years.
 It is the first time that the water of the Yamuna River has crossed the national capital and reached the Rashtrapati Bhavan.
 The Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing team has descended upon flood-affected areas in Haryana, Punjab & Himachal Pradesh.
 Green S Force is actively providing help to the flood-affected people .
 Primary challenge in all the flood-affected areas is to deal with the major issue of food and drinking water.
 Green S Force is addressing by arranging langars (community kitchens) for them.
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5 Amazing Benefits of Liquorice

Nature is an important part of your life, that’s why today we will talk about liquorice.
Liquorice is sweet in taste. The liquorice is rich in calcium, anti-oxidant and antibiotic properties. Liquorice has used for the treatment of eye diseases, mouth diseases and throat diseases for centuries

 Liquorice is a Boon for the Throat
 Liquorice is Beneficial in Cough
 Liquorice is Beneficial for Teeth and Gums
 Paste of Liquorice is good for the Skin
 Mouth Blisters are Cure with Liquorice

Taking Liquorice with Honey ends Blooss

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Daughters gave Shoulder to their Mother’s Bier (Body Donation)

In today’s time where people don’t even care about their own, on the other hand, the devotees of Dera Sacha Sauda not only pledged to serve their whole life for mankind but even after death, they do something which let humanity be proud of them.

Setting an example to this:- Rampal Insan and Tohana Block Bhangidas Narendra told that late Mrs. Nimo Devi was 96 years old from village Jamalpur, who completed her breath and rested herself to the holy feet of almighty. After this by the inspiration of revered Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan her body was donated for medical research purpose with acceptance of whole family.

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Soaked Almonds or Dried Almonds, which one is better? | Thefacteye

Every second person suggests to have almonds early morning if one need the magical mind,
well no doubt in this.

Benefits of Soaked Almonds

Healthy Digestion
A Boon for the Brain
Maintaining the Cholesterol Level

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Consuming buttermilk on regular basis will prevent you from many diseases

Buttermilk the ultimate elixir (as per Ayurveda), benefits one in many ways. Buttermilk prepared from fresh curd is said to be more beneficial for the health. Drinking, helps in relieving from many of the complaints like heaviness in the stomach, bloating, loss of appetite, indigestion and acidity etc.

1.Benefits of Buttermilk
2.Relive from Acidity
3.Right time of Consuming
4.Helps in reducing the Weight
5. Strengthening the Bones
6.Keeps you Rehydrated

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Hot Milk Is Far Better Than Cold Milk | Thefacteye

Hot milk is far better than cold milk.

Benefits of Hot Milk

Strengthen the Bones

Light in digestion

absorb easily

nourishes the body

Stronger Teeth

Sound Sleep

Maintaining the Blood Sugar














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Health Benefits of [Cardamom][1] that You need to Know | Thefacteye

Green cardamom is used in Indian kitchens. It is also used as a spice, tea, dessert, fragrance enhancer, and mouth freshener.

It is also an Ayurvedic medicine, which is beneficial in health and helps to overcome many problems.

1. Cardamom beneficial in acidity

2. Reduce pimples and mouth odor

3. Cardamom also works to cure digestion

4. mouth freshener

5. reduces the smell of the mouth

6. cardamoms should be chewed after eating food ,because its cure digestion

7. Flush out the body’s toxins

8. Cardamom also controls blood pressure

Cardamom contains minerals:-

such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which help to flush out the toxic substances present in the body.
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